Self Wash Price

Pet SizeWeightPrice
Small< 20 lbs$16.00
Med20 lbs ~ 40 lbs$20.00
Large40 lbs ~ 60 lbs$24.00
Giant> 60 lbs$28.00

Walk in, no appointment necessary

Value Package (Prepaid Only): Buy 10 pet washes and get one free (for the same pet)

How to complete the Self Serve Pet Wash in One Hour:

Step 1:

  • pick up your supplies Including, shampoo, scrub brushes, apron

Step 2:  About 5 minutes

  • Tie down your pet to tub for pet’s safety
  • Put on Apron and raise tub to your comfortable height

Step 3:  About 5 minutes

  • Choose comfortable  water temperature  for your pet
  • Ready to begin your wash

Step 4:  About 20 minutes

  • Rinse, starting with dirty/hard to clean area first;
  • shampoo, repeat if  necessary

Step 5:  About 5 minutes

  • Towel dries your pet  with our special towel
  • Best to use your own towel

Step 6:  About 10 minutes

  • Use force dryer with warm air to blow off excess water

Step 7:  About 15 minutes

  • Put your pet in the cage  dryer to dry completely

Steps 8:  Optional

  • You can trim nail, clean ear if you wish,  just ask us