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Angel - 1

Angel - 2

Nemo before grooming

Nemo - after

Nemo - Daddy is learning how to work on his ear

Nemo during grooming

Nemo - with Lisa, our groomer

Family enjoy watching Baloo and Mowglie in the cage dryer

Mowglie is washed by Daddy

Baloo is taking a bath

Peanut went in the cage dryer with Codle

Peanut is taking a bath

Codle in the cage dryer

Codle is taking a bath

Precious is washed by Daddy

Richmond's 2nd visit

Richmond in the cage dryer


KiKi in the cage dryer

Ball Ball's 2nd visit

Mei Mei's 2nd visit

LiLee is getting a hair cut by Mom after bath

Toby is getting a hair cut by Mom after bath

Toby is so cute

Veer in the cage dryer

Bei Bei is playing with the store owner (Brownie) after bath

Lucy in the cage dryer

Gucci - before grooming

Gucci is taking a bath

Google (cat) during grooming

Google is taking a bath

JJ - after grooming

Lola - before grooming

Lola - after grooming

Ling Ling - before grooming (all matted)

Ling Ling - after grooming

Hailey is playing with store owners (Brownie & Mocha) after bath

Lucky - before grooming

Lucky - after grooming

Jai Jai after bath

4 bichon family for grooming

Teddy in the cage dryer

Sky Walker is getting a bath

Teddy and Sky Walker are in the cage dryer

Cute little Mo Mo is getting ready for a bath