Grand Opening on 12/18/2010!

The store owners were tired of bending over the tub to wash their pets while spending endless hours drying them.  To better help themselves, and other pet owners, they decided to open this store.

All the supplies and bathing facilities are readily available. Just bring in your pet! No more messes in your homes! Best of all, you can have a fun time with your pets.


We offer both self serve pet wash and full service pet grooming and full service pet bath too.

We provide the supplies, using only the best shampoo (EarthBath) and equipment to serve your pets.
We have self-adjusting pet tubs, warm air force and cage dryers to make the wash as comfortable and convenient for you and your pet.

Come and try out the 5 star wash with the 1 star price.

Doesn’t man’s best friend deserve a five star treatment.


Patent pending for the design of the pet shower.